Northern Spain
Northern Spain

Almost all the published images of our tent show it stood proud alongside some bank, bay or beach. The sun may seem to shine over the majority of these wonderful settings, but even if it doesn’t rain during the night, there is often a heavy dew on the morning we decide to strike camp. Something similar to this deflated and rather less picturesque scene is a pretty familiar sight to us too.

To avoid rot, all tents, and particularly those with natural materials in the mix such as cotton or hemp, need to be stored dry. It’s easy advise to give, and an extremely good policy to follow, but in reality…

Many is the morning, the grass soaked, or the drizzle still falling, that we’ve had to fight something damp and resisting into a bag. The only option then, as soon as dry weather reappears, is to grab the first opportunity to stop and pull everything out again.

This often takes place during the canoe journey, making the most of a tea or lunch break. Spread out in the sun on warm rocks or draped over a fallen tree, the tent is turned regularly to let every section breath. But sometimes this dry spell just refuses to arrive.

Cornwall, England
Cornwall, England

Occasionally, and I hate the wait, imagining all those fungal spores awakening in the warm, damp dark, it will be a some time before the rain gives in and tent can be released.

The sunlit morning scene at the top was captured in northern Spain, an unpleasant delay of two days since our rather wet camp, mid way down through France.

Outdoor Adventure Guide

Loch Morar, Scotland
Loch Morar, Scotland

Spring is here, and with it the latest issue of Outdoor Adventure Guide.

Inside, along with a wilderness interview with Ray Mears, is my article A Fresh Chance. This describes an inland only Scottish canoeing and canoe camping visit with our Stewart River Pal.

Unperturbed, our Pal ploughed on its way, the bow lifting a little before cutting purposefully through each agitated wave.

And on the cover

Welcome to my new site

11 - tim gent copy
River Wye, England

My first post!

Faced with a blank space on a computer, I usually have little trouble filling it in – as a writer and photographer it’s what I do after all.  This one does seem a little trickier.

What I do know is that I’d like to welcome all visitors to my new site, and hope that this first attempt to provide information about my work, and a little photographic colour, is informative and appealing.

With luck, this will be the first of many posts, and you will be one of the first of many to cross this digital threshold.